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Timber Species and Grades

Timber Flooring Grades and Species

Select Grade

The Select grade denotes a minimal degree of natural feature in the board. As a naturally occuring product, all timber flooring contains some degree of feature such as pinhole, gum vein and surface check.

Installing a floating timber floor

Standard Grade

Standard grade relates to a moderately featured board. Flooring in this grade contains a regulated degree of feature, experiencing a greater degree of natural pinhole and gum vein. These features will not only be greater in quantity than select grade but are also larger in size.

Installing a floating timber floor

Feature Grade

Feature grade is, as the name suggests, high feature flooring. Each board is a veritable sea of natural feature, containing large knots, gum veins, pinholes and even some holes that can be filled during laying process. Again, the features will be greater in quantity and larger in size than standard grade.

Installing a floating timber floor

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